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legendarylea twitch streamer spotlight

LegendaryLea is one of the sexiest, most popular, and “most talked about” girl gamers on

Now one of the stars on the platform, 27-year-old Lea “LegendaryLea” Currier started streaming on in January 2013. Due to her bubbly demeanor, she was easily able to get into the limelight while also becoming friends with some of the most popular streamers on the site. In fact, she even met up with some of these broadcasters in person, which was practically unheard of back then! This brought her tons of exposure, and she inevitably built up an enormous fanbase of her own.

LegendaryLea & Sodapoppin


LegendaryLea streams out of an Austin, Texas gaming house where she lives with Sodapoppin, another streamer who has one of the largest fanbases on Twitch. The two consistently team up and play a variety of random games. You’ll commonly find them streaming fun, laid-back games like Golf with Friends and Gang Beasts. However, they also occasionally stream more serious content, such as World of Warcraft raids.

Fun facts:

  • She graduated from UCSD with a respectable major in Physiology and Neuroscience.
  • LegendaryLea attends many gaming events throughout the year. For example, she competed in the H1Z1 invitational at Twitchcon in 2015.
  • The go-to game to play when she’s just hanging out is Hearthstone, and she’s always consistently ranked as one of the top players.
  • Sometimes, Lea plays Blackjack on stream with real money, which always brings in record-breaking amounts of viewers.
  • Over the years, both Lea and Sodapoppin have done multiple charity streams together where they’ve raised thousands of dollars for various organizations. At this point, they’ve probably raised over 100k in donations for charity!

Sexiness & Controversy

legendarylea sexiness

In the past, LegendaryLea has had her fair share of “accidental nudity” during streams. She’s been caught twirling around in a miniskirt too fast, showing off a great view of her ass, and bending over in a sexy maid outfit, revealing her panties underneath. No matter if these things are intentional or not, it brings in boatloads of viewers gawking in the chat with their fingers crossed for a slip-up.

Eventually, negative attention from Twitch admins started to surround her due to these incidents. It even escalated into a 30-day ban one time when she was super drunk on stream and exposed a bit too much.

Regardless of getting wasted on stream, Lea is smart and knows exactly what she’s doing. Her natural beauty accompanied with a great sense of style attracts tons of viewers. If you tune into her stream, you’ll notice that she’s usually wearing a cute outfit or some sexy skin tight yoga pants.

At the end of the day, being a popular girl gamer on Twitch goes hand in hand with being attractive and LegendaryLea has that part down. In fact, she’s even been featured in an exclusive Playboy photoshoot:

legendarylea playboy

Social Media

LegendaryLea works hard to maintain her figure and consistently posts workout selfies on her Instagram. Additionally, she does occasional mobile streams on Periscope when she’s hanging out in public. If you like what you’ve read about LegendaryLea here and want to see what she’s all about, then check out her social media below:

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