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What is SexoClicker?

SexoClicker has an incremental theme where you click on hot babes to level up. During the game, players learn sex moves, get upgrades (‘Cuddling’ or ‘Sexting’), and gain adult stats. Your goal is increasing ‘Arousal’, then ‘Banging’ our horny girls (a.k.a. tap on them).

It’s totally free, there’s no registration required, and PC & mobile users can play online in any web browser.

Unlock All 19 Models

Like most adult games, SexoClicker’s gorgeous models are the main attraction!

Every time a new level is unlocked, our girls become sexier, yet harder to ‘Bang’. You can take advantage of upgrades, use moves and increase sex stats to match the difficulty.

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Clicker Gameplay

SexoClicker’s gameplay boils down to the adult-oriented features players can use.

Below we comprehensively explain what these stats do in our sex clicker game.

  • Arousal
    The core feature for progression.
    A lot of upgrades increase ‘Arousal’, but it’s also gained by clicking on babes.
  • Pleasure
    Determines how well you ‘Pleasure’ girls during sex, and it’s performed by tapping on any model.
  • Sex Drive
    Improving this stat exponentially increases your ‘Arousal’ earned, thus beating our game faster.
  • Stamina (Passive)
    Unlock babes automatically by adding points into ‘Stamina’. But it’s still quicker to play manually.
  • Stimulation (Passive)
    Gain points here to receive free clicks.
    Essentially, this lets you step away from the game and continue tapping!

Special Powerups

Activate sex moves that grant benefits! These are awesome because it makes playing way more interactive.

Everyone eventually gains access to powerups for free, and you can even combine them all. However, moves go on a cooldown afterward so it takes skill to beat the game.

  • Thrust
    Delivers a spike in ‘Pleasure’ to the girl you’re currently on.
  • Lapdance
    Gain 500% extra ‘Arousal’ for 7 seconds.
  • Second Wind
    Recharges all skills currently on cooldown.

Start clicking to learn all 10 adult powerups!

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Clicker Gameplay

Along the journey, players have opportunities to discover over 30+ upgrades. When one becomes active, you gain extra benefits or it introduces another mechanic.

They’re all free and influence gameplay by providing permanent stat increases. Not to mention, each is named after sexual innuendos that’ll make you horny and laugh at the same time!

Here are a few examples of upgrades:

  • Cuddling
    Clicks gain users 30% more ‘Arousal’ and has absolutely no strings attached.
  • Private Pictures
    Overall +10% stat improvements. But is disabled for 6 seconds upon interacting with models.
  • Sexting
    Tapping girls increases your ‘Pleasure’ given by 5% for 2 seconds, which incentivizes clicking.

Convenient Features

Free to Play

SexoClicker is completely free, and there are no premium microtransactions.

Save Data

We automatically log progress every 30 seconds to let people focus on the sex game.

Stat Tracking

Analytics for your progress are located in the top menu. That way, players can easily see accomplishments.

Idle Gaming

Once users begin upgrading their passive clicks, they can play idly and multitask.

Multiple Difficulties

Beat it on easy mode? Ramp the difficulty up and try again on 5 different levels.

Start Instantly

We bypass the barrier of requiring signup. Instead, we save games in web browsers so you can start instantly!

Game Tips

When first trying our adult sex clicker, everyone can beat it at their own pace.

But figuring out the best way to play is a challenge!

Here are some of our top in-game tips:

  • Don’t forget to constantly activate sex moves when they come off cooldown.
  • Only 7 upgrades are allowed at once, so choose them wisely!
  • Prioritize improving your ‘Stamina’ since it’s an adult stat that lets you multitask.

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