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What is SexoClicker?

Sexoclicker is a free mobile sex game that can be played in your web browser. It has a modern, incremental theme where you click on hot babes to gain levels. No signup is required so all you have to do is start tapping sexy girls to begin!
The goal of our sex game is to gain ‘Arousal’ (an in-game stat) and ‘Bang’ girls (i.e. click on them). Along the way, you’ll learn special sex moves, unlock upgrades (such as ‘Cuddling’ and ‘Sexting’), and increase your stats so you can bang all 19 girls in the game.
Start playing for free now and we guarantee you’ll be hooked after just a few taps!

Girls in the game

Like many free sex games, the most appealing and addicting part of SexoClicker are the babes you get to ‘Bang’. It’s a thrill to steadily gain sexual experience and discover all 19 girls that can be unlocked.

Take note that each time you unlock a new girl, it gets increasingly difficult to unlock the next. However, you can use special moves, utilize upgrades, and increase your sex stats to compensate with difficulty increases.

Learn about sex stats

Stats are part of the core gameplay in SexoClicker, and to be honest they’re a bit complicated until you try it for yourself.

Let’s go over what each stat does and the different paths to take while playing our sex game.

  • Stat #1: Arousal
    This is the most important stat in SexoClicker because it determines how quickly you beat the game. You can gain ‘Arousal’ by simply clicking on babes. Furthermore, most increases in stats will ultimately affect it in some way.
  • Stat #2: Pleasure
    This is another important stat because it determines how well you ‘Pleasure’ girls on the sex game. The higher this number is, the better you’re going to do. Utilize your ‘Pleasure’ stat by tapping the girl you’re currently on.
  • Stat #3: Sex Drive
    Improve your ‘Sex Drive’ to gain more ‘Arousal’.
  • Stat #4: Stimulation
    Gain points in ‘Stimulation’ to get free passive clicks on ‘Arousal’. (i.e. automatic score)
  • Stat #5: Stamina
    Improve your ‘Stamina’ to get free passive clicks on ‘Pleasure’. (i.e. automatic score)

Special sex moves

As you progress in SexoClicker you’ll learn special sex moves which can be activated at the ease of a tap. These moves will grant you temporary benefits and will go on cooldown after usage.

Let’s go over a few the special moves that can be used in our sex game:

  • Thrust
    Using the ‘Thrust’ move immediately delivers a spike in pleasure to the girl you’re currently on.
  • Lapdance
    When activating ‘Lapdance’ your Arousal gained will be increased by 500% for 7 seconds.
  • Second Wind
    Using ‘Second Wind’ recharges all of your moves that are on cooldown.

Play now to learn all 10 special moves and try them out for yourself!

Upgrades to unlock

When playing SexoClicker you’ll have the opportunity to unlock up to 32 free upgrades. They all have unique names and will greatly influence your gameplay by providing permanent stat increases.

Additionally, when having an upgrade active you will gain unique extra benefits, which can further increase your stats or give you an additional mechanic in the sex game.

Here’s a few examples of free upgrades which can be unlocked:

  • Cuddling
    Clicks gain you 30% more ‘Arousal’.
  • Sexting
    Tapping girls increases ‘Pleasure’ given by 5% for 2 seconds.
  • Sexy Pictures
    +10% ‘Arousal’ gained. Disabled for 6 seconds upon clicking girls.

Mobile features

Free to play

SexoClicker is completely free to play. Additionally, we do not have any sort of pay-to-win microtransactions.

Game saving

We automatically save your progress every 30 seconds to let you focus on the game. Additionally, we provide a feature to export and import saves so you can transfer your games.

Play idly

Once you start gaining passive clicks you’ll be able to play idle and easily multitask other parts of the game.
mobile sex game

Multiple difficulties

Beat it on easy mode?
Ramp it up and go again on 5 different levels of difficulty.

Hop in immediately

SexoClicker bypasses the annoying signup barrier of requiring an account to play. Instead, We save games on your web browser so you can start immediately.

Stat tracking

We track all of your games analytics and provide an organized overview. That way, you may easily see what’s been accomplished.


Game tips

When first trying our mobile sex game you’ll be able to dive right in, and eventually, beat it at your own pace! However, figuring out the best way to play takes experience.

These are some of the best game tips we can give you to get ahead and be more efficient when playing SexoClicker:

  • Don’t forget to constantly be using your sex moves when they come off of cooldown.
  • You may only have up to 7 upgrades active at once so choose wisely!
  • Stamina’ is your best friend. Try to prioritize this as much as possible because it will let you multitask more efficiently.


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