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stpeach twitch streamer spotlight

Meet STPeach, one of the most popular, sexy, and notorious female live streamers on

Often referred to as “the hottest girl on Twitch”, STPeach has taken advantage of her good looks to claim fame.

She gained much this streaming fame in late 2015 when playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and indirectly showing off her beautiful body, including her amazing booty! In addition, she was one of the “lucky” girls that popular streamer Mitch Jones was “questing” at the time. The two later became friends, and Mitch Jones would frequently raid her stream with his thousands of viewers, which was one of the most influential events that aided in skyrocketing her to celebrity streamer status.

Fun Fact: Occasionally, STPeach would stream while chatting on Discord with Mitch Jones and another popular streamer, Reckful, which birthed the hilarious “Hot Rating” videos:

  1. STpeach rates how hot Mitch Jones & Reckful are on Discord
  2. Reckful reacts to STpeach rating how hot Goku is

STPeach Sexiness

In November 2015, STPeach made a Twitter that rapidly gained followers when she began posting many sexy, full-body pictures of herself:

stpeach selfie

This helped her Twitch stream and following as a whole gain much more attention. However, in July 2016 she went a bit too overboard with her infamous nip-slip incident that resulted in a one week ban from Twitch. A censored version of this incident can be found here.

Reckful Controversy

Recently, STPeach has been involved in some controversial drama from giving Reckful advice regarding another female streamer. She jokingly told him that a girl was “way out of his league”, which angered a lot of Reckful fans. Regardless, she is still close friends with him and they’ve been seen streaming on Periscope together. In fact, it was even rumored that they were dating when they had been frequently seen partying while she’s wearing sexy outfits. Regardless, this attention has further contributed to her achieving more stream viewers.

Social Media

STPeach works hard both on her Twitch stream and amazing body! She retains a consistent stream schedule playing a variety of games, along with many IRL streams.

Her social media profiles are loaded with sexy pictures of herself where she often shows off her amazing booty. In fact, you can expect to see new selfies on a daily basis, and even more if you follow her Snapchat! She posts many “before and after” workout pictures, which lets us know she’s working hard for her fans.

Check out STPeach’s live stream and go see the sexy selfies posted recently on her social media below:

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