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5 Awesome Platforms to Watch Sex Videos

Finding a good website to watch sex videos isn’t always easy to do.

If you just start searching online, it seems like 90% of the websites you run into are overloaded with popups, ads, and poor quality content. Some adult video websites don’t even give you the correct clip that you clicked on!

We put together a list of 5 awesome platforms to watch sex videos on so you don’t have to go through the annoying process of finding one.

1. BubbleClips


BubbleClips is the first platform on our list and they are one of the best places you can watch HD sex videos.

They upload premium content on their blog every day that comes straight from the popular (and expensive) premium adult subscription sites. The content they publish is compressed to 8 minutes in length from the full 20 to 30+ minute original movies, but they share all the videos they upload for free. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me!


  • Uploads videos every day
  • Multiple active adult categories
  • Premium content, for free
  • Timestamps included in blog posts (very useful)
  • Always sources where to find the full movies


  • Videos they upload aren’t full-length movies
  • Doesn’t have thousands of adult videos like many other sites

2. PornHub


PornHub is probably the most recognizable website on this list where you can browse adult videos.

They’ve been featured in movies like Don Jon and have run multiple huge fundraising campaigns like Save The Tatas. However, they’re not just recognizable because they’ve done a bunch of marketing, they’re also one of the best places on the web for watching sex videos! Their platform has thousands upon thousands of free clips for users to watch and more that are uploaded every day!


  • Seemingly infinite amount of content
  • Tons of new clips added daily
  • Great categorization
  • Huge community to partake in
  • Their entire platform is free


  • Short, low-quality clips
  • Pop-up ads and banner ads
  • Premium content locked behind paywall

3. YouPorn


YouPorn is another recognizable website on this list that has a massive platform with an active amateur community.

Along with providing thousands of sex videos for your viewing pleasure, they have sponsored multiple pro gaming teams to bring awareness to their website. There’s dozens of organized categories and several useful features like being able to sort by the “Top Rated” or the “Most Viewed”.


  • All videos downloadable
  • Good video player software
  • Lots of categories with content
  • Free to watch the vast majority of videos
  • Features to sort by “Top Rated or “Most Viewed”


  • Lots of banner ads
  • Low-quality content
  • Have to pay to access premium content

4. Adult Subreddits

adult subreddits

Reddit has tons of NSFW subreddits that you can use to find sex videos, and there is a subreddit for just about every sexual interest!

One of the best ones to watch videos in high definition is the 60FpsPorn subreddit, which is where users upload and share short sex clips in 60 frames per second. This section is awesome for those who want to browse HD adult content for free and at a fast rate. Try checking out the vast amount of adult sections that Reddit has to offer now!


  • Everything is completely free
  • Great way to find HD sex clips
  • Large, friendly community
  • Subreddits for lots of different sexual interests


  • Many subreddits are inactive or have little content
  • Unsatisfyingly short clips
  • Somewhat difficult to discover NSFW subreddits for your sexual interests

5. WhoaGirls VODs

whoagirls vods

WhoaGirls is a live sex chat platform that we’ve talked about before in our 3 Sex Chat Sites Worth Using list, but they also have a huge database of sex videos in the form of private cam shows VODs.

If cam shows are your forte, then the WhoaGirls video archives will be like an ocean of amazing content for you. This is also perfect if you follow specific performers on their platform because you can go to individual model profiles to see their past private shows, which is great for catching up on watching what you missed!


  • Archives of sex shows for your favorite performers
  • Thousands of cam show VODs organized into adult categories
  • Free to make an account and receive 120 free credits


  • Quality varies on performers cam
  • Account required to access videos
  • Costs credits on their platform to view VODs

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